TAJARA understands that one of the vital drivers of success in the hotel, leisure and tourism business lies in the strength of a property’s brand—its prestige, what it stands for to traveling consumers, and how effectively it is communicated to the market.


Our marketing capabilities include:


Marketing Plan and Budget

Prepares the business plan which includes the marketing plan and budget, assumptions, sales forecasts and strategies for several profit centers of the property like guestrooms, club suites, F&B, spa, mini-bar and other operating departments.


Brand Management

Review and assist in the selection of international and local brands suited to operate the property - based on its service standards, design guidelines, pricing and market mix. Secure marketing alliances appropriate to increase hotel image and brand awareness.


Public Relations and Advertising

Set directions on public relations and media presentation campaigns, including advertising, media awareness program, point of sales and collateral materials.


Marketing and Sales Effort

Assist in the hiring and training of marketing and sales professionals to achieve prospecting and revenue goals.

Design market mix to achieve higher revenues or redesign to turn-around situations to yield higher Revpar growth.


Having followed our clients from concept design to implementation, TAJARA ensures its marketing efforts will turn your properties into thriving profit centers.




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