TAJARA’s hotel and resort development services are backed by years of hands-on experience in the hotel and leisure industry.


We’ve worked with investment firms, property developers, lenders, local and international hotel operators, local and national government, and other stakeholders to develop successful hotel, leisure and mixed-use residential spaces.


Our team believes that making your business’ long-term competitive edge and financial returns sustainable begins with a thorough, independent assessment of your project’s viability.


Market Analysis and Financial Studies


Identify market viability of project, provide detailed analysis of trends and conditions in the local and international markets, forecast growth and identify potential market segments.


Provides clients with research, analysis, recommendations, planning and implementation support.


Present financial projections and assumptions, cash flow models, investment return analysis, business strategies and feasibility studies, including assistance with preparation of project plans required by lenders.


Concept Design Development


Present, review and recommend design concepts for owners and investors to help visualize the property they intend to build.


Assist in the selection of design consultants who can deliver innovative designs paramount to the lifestyle needs of its target market.


Prepares the design guide and space allocation for design consultants, identifying the detailed requirements of the project and evaluates facilities and space planning to produce optimum results.




Positioning, branding and identification of target market, preparation of business plans and budget, forecast sales trends, identify market opportunities with expertise in the high-end market.


Assistance in securing brand affiliations and marketing alliances.


Facilitate public relations and image building from pre to post opening to capture target audience.


Facilities Use Planning


Review and recommend overall hotel/resort concepts, assess land use options with facilities and products needed to meet local and international market demands, in consultations with investor's designers and consultants.


Project Coordination


Coordinates construction schedules, third party suppliers, FF&E delivery to pre-operating plans taking into account timetables agreed and ensure a turn-key operation for revenue generation.


Refurbishment Planning


Review and recommend redevelopment design and plans working closely with Owners in budget planning and prioritizing need areas. Assist in the selection of design consultants and contractors.


Fractional Development


Provide professional advice to investors and developers interesting in mixed-use development. Presents business plans, design concepts, brand affiliations, feasibility studies, market trends and financial statements.



These are just among the host of hotel and resort development services TAJARA offers to optimize our clients’ competitive advantage.

In today’s ever-dynamic business landscape, TAJARA understands that a one-size-fits-all approach is no longer a feasible strategy to stand out from competition. We render a comprehensive suite of hospitality consulting services tailored to meet the different requirements of property owners and developers.


Part of what we do at TAJARA is to identify the operational needs of our clients and recommend ways to improve management effectiveness and organizational efficiency. Our agile team of consultants will guide you through new hotel projects or redevelopment, implementation of major capital requirements, procurement, and pre-/post-operating assistance. Through strategic planning and development, TAJARA will craft property plans that will greatly appeal to the lifestyle needs of your target market.


Operational Analysis


Conducts monthly performance reviews of financial statements from top to bottom line results. Appraises key management level and provide result-driven performance measures for hotel and personnel evaluations.


Create action plans to capitalize on opportunities and address challenges.


Monthly reviews and comparisons with the Annual Quarterly plans, building accountability for labor and others costs.


Marketing Audits


Appraise marketing plan and strategies if profitable based on revenue results, yield management, guest frequency and market share. Uncover areas to maximize profit centers.


Competitor Analysis


Review Revpar against competitive set, market share, business trends, customer feedback and brand loyalty.


Product & Service Evaluations


Review of hotel standards, policies and procedures, training manuals in relation to achieving guest expectations. Encourage best practices to create breakthrough actions that bring value to guests.


Organization and Restructuring of Management Team


Re-organization and re-hiring of key department heads and staff, set guidelines in the preparation or upgrading of job descriptions and job tasks/responsibilities, conduct training needs analysis of key personnel and assist completion of standard operating manuals.


Interim Management


Handles short term interim management pending hiring of top executive/s. Provides direction to key department heads consistent to the goals and financial objectives of the organization and its Owners.




Working with TAJARA gives you direct access to the extensive experience and unique views of our diversely talented leaders in the field of operations, strategic planning, and asset management and development, all set to enhance the value and optimize returns of your hospitality investments.


Our capabilities include:


Investment analysis

To create more value for investors, guests and stakeholders, TAJARA believes in a no-holds-barred approach in evaluating your property returns and performance. We prepare financial projections and valuations; look into market and economic data, and review asset positioning—all in the pursuit of providing you with a frank assessment of where you stand against your competition and in the industry.


Monthly and quarterly performance reviews

TAJARA conducts property reviews, on-site inspection services, and asset condition analysis. We make it a point to conduct property management meetings for policy review and operational standards compliance, and we firmly believe in forthright reportage to clients about their investment’s performance. Our reviews comprise three-month forecasts, cash flow analysis, inventory of all physical assets, and additional reports catered to our clients’ needs.


Annual business plan and budget

To optimize yield management and market share, TAJARA reviews your financial statements, annual plans, budget, operating ratios, cash control methods, data sources, and financial process. We appraise line-by-line P&L assessment set against industry standards.


Capital improvement

TAJARA actively participates in the schedules and monitoring of capital expenditures and projects, including disposing of assets at the discretion of the client.


Hotel operator compliance

To save our clients from future headaches, TAJARA helps ensure the management/franchise group meets contract standards and obligations. We focus on bringing your brand value and meeting profit expectations initially set.


Owner’s representation

By thoroughly examining operating procedures, systems and controls to ensure management effectiveness, TAJARA confidently assures the owners and developers we work with are properly represented during company board meetings.


Judiciary compliance

Fully complying with the rules and regulations set by the local and national government is key to avoiding future legal issues. TAJARA not only assists our clients with legal compliance, we also administer legal, tax and accounting formalities for the property.




TAJARA’s agile Technical team lends its expertise to developers, investors and owners of new resorts and hotels, as well as the redevelopment of existing properties. We make sure our client’s project conforms to the proposed brand and product criteria, and within the approved cost parameters. We do this by representing owners in the management and supervision of all design and development consultants.


We offer a host of services that can be categorized in two ways:


Project Management

Represents Owners in managing and monitoring all design and development consultants. Ensuring that the project conforms with the proposed brand and product criteria, working within the approved cost parameters.


Proposal Preparation

Assistance in the preparation of required proposals to architects, interior designers, structural engineers, quantity surveyors and other consultants and suppliers.  Evaluate consultants and participate in site inspections including client presentation.


Schematic Design

Manage design consultants  in the preparation of schematic designs and work with them in unison with the design guidelines.


Design Development:  Bidding and Award

Work with design consultants and quantity surveyors in the preparation of bid documents.  Manage the bidding process of construction packages, including preparation of bid evaluation for recommendation and approval.


Construction and Turnover

Manage the design consultant, QS and construction manager in the contract administration, implementation, completion and turn-over of the project.


Technical Services


Hotel Minimum Standards

Provide and assist in implementing Minimum Standards for all types of hotels from luxury to boutique and budget hotels, including pre-opening assistance.


Hotel Branding / Re-Branding

Assist in brand compliance required by international and local operators.


Architectural and Interior design

Represents owners in the selection of architects and interior designers appropriate to the brand and type of operations.  Communicate the brand design guidelines and ensure proper implementation in the schematic design and design development.


Hotel Facilities Planning

Specify in details all facilities needed in a Hotel project based on their target markets, lifestyle and location to maximize revenue potential.  Assist in space planning and proper guestroom orientation and allocation of facilities and back-of-house.





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